Honor Band Program

The Music Staff "Honor Band"! What an honor to be selected to play in this musical ensemble! The band meets once a week, rehearsing challenging music while meeting new friends. Invitations to join are sent out in November each year. Rehearsals begin the second week in January, concluding with a final concert in May. A professional CD recording of the May concert is available to all members.

This unique opportunity to cultivate musical talent is just one of the many benefits offered by The Music Staff. The Honor Band gave its first concert at Xavier University in 1994 and has continued a tradition of quality performances throughout the years under the direction of Charles Lauterbach, founder of The Music Staff.


My favorite part about Honor Band was the challenge. How it was so much more of a difficulty than advanced band. I think that playing harder music made me into a better musician. Before Honor Band I really never paid attention to tempo and crescendo markings. I really enjoyed Honor Band. It was an experience I think no child musician should ever pass up.

Katie Minnelli


Hello! my name is Elizabeth Peters and I am currently a Senior at Fairfield High School. I began playing flute in the third grade. In the fourth I joined the band at Saint Bartholomew, currently known as Pope John Paul the II, under the direction of Mr. Charles Lauterbach. In the seventh and eighth grade Mr. Lauterbach invited me to perform in the Catholic Schools Honor Band. The music in Honor Band was new and challenging and I enjoyed the challenge. At this time I started to play piccolo, which was harder than I had excepted. At this point I realized that there was a lot that I did not know about playing and reading music, fortunately I had time for improvement before I went to High School. Realizing that I needed help with building and improving my skills on flute and piccolo, Mr. Lauterbach referred me to my current flute teacher, Mrs. Marsha Robinson, who I have now been studying with for five years. Having a private lesson teacher opened new doors for me. The Honor Band really gave me great start in the world of band music.

Elizabeth Peters