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Updates and Resources for Band Students

Dear Band Parents and Students,


The thought of not meeting with our students to rehearse and prepare for the spring concerts is distressing!  We have made so much progress since the Christmas concerts and Band-O-Rama.  We can only pray that a resumption to normal school schedules will begin in April as planned.

Until then, we have resources to help your students practice!

Please see our RESOURCES  page for more --

including scales to practice!

For all Students

Dr. Selfridge videos – instrument demonstrations


United States Army Field Band.com – many kinds of educational

and band concert videos


Stanton Sheet Music web site – this is where we buy almost all of the music

we play at concerts.  Parents can browse this site with their student and 

download just about everything we are working on right now for the spring

concert.  Just type in the name of the piece and the arranger– these pieces are

recorded by either college bands or small groups of professional musicians.

Please feel free to contact your band director with any questions or concerns about our music. You will find all contact information here.


Band Videos to Watch:

US Army Field Band: 

"Battle Hymn of the Republic"

Berklee Students:

"What the World Needs Now"