Updates and Resources for Band Students

Summer Update

Hi Everyone,

We hope you are practicing and finding fun ways to keep playing music!

The Music Staff is offering FREE online music lessons each week.  Watch your email for sign ups.

Advanced Band Students:  Here's a new piece called Raiders March.  Find your parts and audio files here.  We also have How to Train Your Dragon  

If you want new music to try, we have many new songs to try here.


Beginner Band Students:  We have a new song, Silver Scepter, posted for  you to practice.  Please find your parts here.

Beginner Drummers: Here are some new things for you to practice to prep for online lessons.

Please see our RESOURCES  page for more inspiration!

Feel free to contact your band director with any questions

or concerns about our music. You will find all contact information



Band Videos to Watch:

Check out the President's Own playing "The Star Spangled Banner".
Here are some fun and informative videos that can help you improve!

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